About us

We are independent life insurance brokers that have contracts with many of the top carriers in the industry like: Lincoln Financial, F&G, AIG, North American, Foresters Financial, so on and so forth.  What this means to you is, we shop the rates for you with these companies to see what the most favorable prices are based on your specific situation, with the least amount of hassle.

In addition to life insurance products we offer: accidental coverage, long term care, cancer, heart attack & stroke coverage and mortgage protection options. Furthermore, we help complete ones retirement portfolio and offer safe investment vehicles to help you achieve your financial goals.

As you may know, the cost of insurance and eligibility for these products are based upon your age, health, and certain lifestyle information like tobacco use, or medical problems someone may go through. What many people are not aware of is that the companies treat all of the same situations differently.  For example, someone on medication as simple as high blood pressure meds may get approved for the coverage they want with company “A” for $100 per month.  If we placed the same person with company “B” they could be approved for the same coverage for only $75 per month. Click here for a FREE consultation.

Every successful financial strategy starts with an excellent client relationship. Our mission and values include exceeding our client’s every expectation. We have years of experience helping clients prepare for the unknown while meeting their financial goals.